Time: June 26-30, 2017

Location: Nuffield College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Course Outline

The Oxford NCRM (National Centre for Research Methods) Summer School: An introduction to combining social science and molecular genetic research will take place from June 26-30, 2017 at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

The course consists of a one week of intensive course sessions, where all students follow the same lectures and hands-on computer lab sessions.

The focus will be on understanding the key substantive research questions in this area, an overview of UK data that is increasingly available, hands-on computer lesson of how to work with genetic data, and an introduction into the current methodological techniques used in the field.

Working with world-class researchers and instructors, you will have the opportunity to gain new skills in this emerging field.

Morning lectures will focus on substantive examples of topics in this field including: a general introduction to sociogenomic research, the genetic architecture of social science behavioural outcomes such as educational attainment, reproduction (timing and number of children), well-being, BMI and other related topics. An introduction of the types of data available – with a particular focus on UK data – will be elaborated upon.

Afternoon lectures will consist of hands-on computer labs covering how to read and analyze genetic data files in PLINK, perform genetic association analysis, calculate polygenic scores, calculate SNP heritability using GCTA, build Gene x Environment interaction models, among others.

Students who are accepted for the course will receive a general reading list in advance.

Pre-requisite skills. The expectation is that students will have basic skills in the statistical programme R. Students who do not have these skills are still encouraged to apply, but then invited to follow an on-line pre-course tutorial.


The course will run from 9.00 until 5.00 each day, with regular coffee breaks and lunch.

A welcome conference dinner will take place at Nuffield College on Monday June 26.

Students are also invited to join an afternoon class and dinner on the River Thames during a boat trip excursion on Wednesday, June 28.


Applicants are eligible for NCRM Training Bursaries worth to £500 each.

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Information about Oxford

Oxford is a beautiful historic University city full of stunning architecture, history and culture.

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